“Anti-fascism starts with building whole and complete human beings who take control of their own agency to exercise their liberties. Fighting dictatorship starts with combating the tiny dictators within us” ~ Raed Fares, Syrian Media Activist (1972 – 23 Nov. 2018)

Fashbusters is a collection of antifascist writers, researchers, sleuths, activists & concerned community members committed to exposing all forms of fascist creep, oppressive behavior & social institutions, and interpersonal, systemic, and cultural abuse.

Our work focuses on the concept of fascism as a syncretic rightwing ideology formed in reaction to leftists & progressive political strategies rooted in palingenetic ultranationalism. Because of its syncretic nature, fascism tends to “creep” into a variety of political, social, & cultural spaces, usually through a conservative or reactionary entry-point. These entry-points can be as small as the tolerance of misogyny & abusive behavior within a social space to actively cooperating with open Neo-Nazis.

Note that our big tent approach to combating reaction does not mean everyone we target is a fascist. But it first starts with normalizing abusive behaviors that eventually grow into oppressive dynamics. Socially toxic environments then become entry-points for fascist infiltration.

If you have a tip or lead on fascist, oppressive or abusive activity in your scene, group, or organization, send us an email at fashbusters@gmail.com. Let us know if your information is sensitive and we’ll send you a link for secure communication.

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