Grayzone Boosts Fascists and Right-Wingers

One of the most pressing tasks for left-wing forces under the Trump administration is to fight the right—politically at the ballot box, physically in the streets, and ideologically over the airwaves and on the internet. Yet the Grayzone WordPress blog and its founder Max Blumenthal have done just the opposite by boosting right-wingers, racists, and fascists.

Here are just a few examples:

Max Blumenthal boosted Paul Antonopoulos after he was fired from the pro-Assad outlet al-Masdar having been outed as a Nazi thanks to his posts on the StormFront message board. Antonopoulos’ website is named South Front and its similarity to StormFront is no accident yet Blumenthal promoted it anyway. In Blumenthal’s error-riddled book The Management of Savagery, he cited pro-Assad Syrian Kevork Almassian as a source; Almassian works for the far-right anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party (AfD) and equated the suffocation of George Floyd by a cop with U.S. sanctions targeting Assad’s cronies. He retweeted Pat Buchanan’s American Conservative magazine to his followers and slammed Facebook for removing the anti-Semitic American Herald Tribune run from (or by) Iran. He recently interviewed Pepe Escobar who promoted a fascist conference organized by Alexsander Dugin and the anti-Semitic Unz website on his social media account and the topic of their conversation was Escobar’s conspiracy theory article insinuating that COVID-19 might be a U.S. military bioweapon.

Anya Parampil wrote a Grayzone article extensively quoting AfD-affiliated think tanker and Blackface-wearer Alfred de Zayas after sharing a platform with him at the United Nations. The Grayzone‘s YouTube channel hosts 4 of her appearances on noted racist Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show (here, here, here, and here). Below are some of the Fox captions ran under Parampil pushing anti-immigrant scaremongering and attacking liberals for loving foreigners more than Americans:


Ben Norton endorsed and retweed a Han supremacist’s outrageous justification for the Chinese regime’s genocide of Uyghur Muslims, which includes putting them in concentration camps where they engage in forced labor for companies like Apple and Amazon:

Here is just a small sample of the pro-race war, sexist, homophobic, and pro-Holocaust views expressed by the user Ben Norton repeatedly promoted to his followers:

While the vast majority of progressives followed Bernie Sanders’ lead in the 2016 election by uniting behind Democrat Hillary Clinton to prevent Republican Donald Trump from becoming president, Blumenthal and the Grayzone ghouls did the opposite. They campaigned hard against Clinton and claimed that a Trump presidency would be the lesser evil at least on foreign policy:

Grayzone continues to push anti-anti-Trumpism now during the 2020 election as this tweet by Nation contributor and Grayzone staffer Aaron Maté makes clear:

Anyone who shares or promotes Grayzone or the blog’s associates are promoting a platform that boosts racists, fascists, and right-wingers who already have Fox News, Facebook, Breitbart, and other outlets for their inflammatory garbage.

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