Mike Cannon and His Fascist Friends

Content Warning: uncensored slurs

Mike Cannon is a former socialist organizer and current member of a clique of neoreactionaries and cryptofascists. Before 2016-2017, his social media reflected basic leftist principles, especially in terms of labor organizing. Afterwards, his political identity became dubious, and he had numerous friendly exchanges with outright fascists and Third Positionists, both in real life and over social media, leaving his older colleagues and comrades deeply worried and confused.

As of the publication of this post, Mike Cannon has sunk deeper and deeper into a fascist framework and continues to accumulate more fascist friends. He has been attacking antifascism as a whole going so far as to criticize antifascists for confronting the KKK in Dayton, OH, all while arguing that he is still a leftist and cannot be prejudiced because he has a Prince tattoo. Is he a “useful idiot” type of cryptofascist, or a bad faith cryptofascist who only stays in leftist spaces to troll? We encourage you to read more about his fascist friends and decide for yourself.

Bryden Proctor

Mike Cannon (Left) & his cousin Bryden Proctor (Right)

One piece of the puzzle regarding his turn towards fascism: a Nazi podcaster named Bryden Proctor who Mike Cannon claimed is his long-lost cousin.

Having a fascist relative isn’t proof of fascist sympathies. Fascists are often radicalized outside the family and sometimes victimize their relatives first. One recent example came this January of 2019, when a Proud Boy killed his brother with a sword because he thought his brother was a lizard person. Once the evidence of a Nazi relative is undeniable, whether they’re under threat or not, many people do the right thing and disown or separate.

Nazi podcaster Bryden Proctor

But Mike Cannon presents a much different case. He and his Nazi cousin are Twitter mutuals to this day, and continue to have a weirdly normal relationship. His cousin even has a picture of Mike Cannon in his Twitter profile. While Mike Cannon has dropped numerous excuses for this, such as not knowing that Bryden Proctor was his cousin before appearing on his podcast, any statement he makes should be placed in the context of his lying and weaselly behavior.

Although Bryden Proctor cuts a pathetic and cartoonish figure, he is also an important member of the Alt-Right podcast ecosystem. He has pumped out a steady stream of Nazi propaganda and harassed many ordinary vulnerable targets online: Jewish people, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, women.

From Grant Stern on
Sep 15, 2018

“White nationalist podcaster Bryden Proctor whose handle on Gab, the racist alternative to Twitter is @ActualRacist, can be seen in the video ‘teaching’ Tokes the proper way to make a Nazi salute. He can be heard at the end saying in the video, “Sig heil, you Hollywood Nazis, and I’ll jump in discord here and drink more beers,” before hopping out of the car.”

He is also notorious for his association with his then girlfriend Erica Alduino, the main logistics organizer for UTR in Charlottesville. His podcast “Right to Bryden” has been yanked from numerous platforms because of hate speech.

From the hate tracking site AngryWhiteMen.org on May 27, 2018:

And a week ago the hosts of the alt-right podcast Right to Bryden ranted about their plans to dox journalists, denouncing them in anti-Semitic and homophobic terms. Bryden, who referred to Jacob Rosenberg as a “yid,” commanded listeners to wage war on the press. “It’s okay to dox journalists, guys, it’s completely okay!” he said. “These people have names, they have addresses, and they have phone numbers. Fuckin’ get ’em!”
“Fuck them! Fuck these journalist scum!” he continued. “This isn’t journalism! They’re lying, they’re fucking Jews, they’re pieces of shit! And you know what? It’s not even the damn Jews! It’s these women! It’s these fucking liberals! It’s these goddamn soy boys! It’s these fucking faggots! It’s these horrible dickheads! These N-words! These are the worst people!

Mike Cannon still interacts with his cousin despite knowing he’s a Nazi. More conversations archived here and here. Adam Proctor, as far as we know, is not related to Bryden Proctor.

Bryden Proctor appears quite a few times in the the Unicorn Riot Discord Leaks. He had a very public and nasty falling out with Patrick Casey, leader of white nationalist Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, partly involving his then-girlfriend Erica Alduino. Patrick Casey (using the laughable nickname ‘Reinhard Wolff”) tried to reassure his members that they were doxx-proof, only to have them all doxxed anyway a few months later by a non-Bryden source.

Erica Alduino

Erica Alduino, then a member of Identity Evropa (now rebranded as the American Identity Movement under Patrick Casey) was the main logistics organizer for Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally. She and Bryden Proctor began a romantic relationship after meeting at Unite the Right. After the bloody failure of the rally, much of the internal blame fell on her shoulders, and she was eventually forced out of Identity Evropa.

Erica Alduino has been suspended from Twitter multiple times for harassing interracial couples. Here she is tagteaming with her boyfriend Bryden Proctor (under his old @actualracist account) and the Neo-Nazi Samaria Salazar.

Before being suspended, in the leadup to the Shelbyville White Lives Matter rally of October 2017, she was also involved in several friendly conversations with Mike Cannon. Afterwards, he even complimented her on the good optics of a successful rally. His compliment was very heartening to the Identity Evropa members, as revealed by the Unicorn Riot Discord leaks.

On the leaked Identity Evropa Discord server, Erica Alduino thanks Mike Cannon for his kind words.

Hunter Wallace/Brad Griffin

Hunter Wallace/Brad Griffin is the head of public relations for the racist Neoconfederate group League of the South. The SPLC has an extensive file on him.

Brad Griffin is the proprietor of Occidental Dissent (OD), a blog devoted to white nationalism. Griffin has reported on the movement’s happenings — from street demonstrations to infighting — with a dedication that has yielded him one of the most loyal followings among white nationalist websites. Griffin has been both a staunch critic of, and one of the most prolific participants in, the scores of online feuds between white nationalism’s various camps. 


Three months after Unite the Right, Hunter Wallace helped organize the “White Lives Matter” rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee. At the time, Wallace was engaged in massive infighting against the core Alt-Right represented by people such as Andrew Auernheimer (Weev) and Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer. To differentiate their more class-based form of fascism, the League of the South, the National Socialist Movement and the Traditionalist Worker Party formed a short-lived organization called “The Nationalist Front”. Members of the Nationalist Front were especially interested in recruiting leftists to their cause and often talked about reaching out to white leftists with racist appeals. Shelbyville was chosen as a site because Tennessee has strong mask laws, strong sympathy for racists in the Republican-controlled local jurisdictions, and also since the Nationalist Front hoped to recruit among the white population. Their narrative was that white rural working class people were being “replaced” by Somalian and other African immigrant labor brought in by a cabal of Jewish bankers.

Mike Cannon helped organize one of the counter-protests to this rally, but had an alarming amount of friendly contact with Nationalist Front members under the guise of “infiltrating” or doing research. His contact was so friendly that several fascist sites mentioned him by name afterwards as a “reasonable” leftist to be contrasted to the more implacable antifascist resistance. Cannon had also engaged in friendly chats with Hunter Wallace publicly on Twitter. He had a solid leftist history working for labor rights in the South before 2016–2017, but something happened around this time that set him off on a disturbing path and set off alarm bells for established antifascists in the region.

Mike Cannon platforming Hunter Wallace

Many remarked that friendly chatting with people like Hunter Wallace, in public, under his own legal name, is not research: it’s platforming. When confronted later about why he never published that research, he used vague excuses about infighting in the Tennessee antifascist circles and expressed a fear of being “cancelled”.

The Shelbyville rally itself was a bust for the Nationalist Front, because even though the police protected the fascists from angry citizens and kept antifa from masking up, they were unable to spread their message to the wider community. Lawsuits and doxxes dogged the Nationalist Front members and it eventually crumbled. Then after the Traditional Worker Party collapsed in what fascists themselves jokingly called “The Night of the Wrong Wives”, Hunter Wallace grew disillusioned. Trump wasn’t building the wall and his ally Matt Heimbach was in jail for domestic violence. He turned to posting on Gab and focused his energy on doxxing antifascists, in the process teaming up with Jack Corbin and Robert Bowers, the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter. Although Wallace/Griffin was Alabama-based, he focused most of the efforts on Tennessee.

Since Shelbyville, Mike Cannon has been pushed out of various activist circles for similar accusations. Former friends and comrades have fought with him over his combative, abusive personality, his friendliness with fascists online and in person, as well as breaking with him ideologically for his defense of Angela Nagle.

Stormfront post: http://archive.fo/psW7t

Other Fascist Friends

Daniel Friberg: The head of racist alt-right publication house Arktos Media. Mike Cannon follows his Facebook page. Given Cannon’s interest in and deep readings of Aleksandr Dugin, one of the authors published through Arktos, the relationship seems to be solid and of long standing.

Eric Striker/Joseph Jordan: They follow each other on Twitter. Eric Striker was recently doxxed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as Joseph Jordan, a resident of Queens. His brand of fascism also concentrates heavily on recruiting leftists to form a third position.

Mike Cannon also follows numerous fascist accounts on Twitter, too many to list. However, these are the most well-known ones.

  • Jean-Francois Gariepy, a racist podcaster also known for grooming and raping developmentally disabled women.
  • Evan McLaren, former head of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute
  • Lauren Southern, Great Replacement propagandist
  • Counter-Currents Publishing, a white supremacist publisher
  • Red Ice TV, a white supremacist video news channel
  • Jason Reza Jorjani, a racist publisher associated with Daniel Friberg
  • Megan Bobonik, Richard Spencer’s girlfriend
  • Richard Spencer


Mike Cannon has so many fascist friends (not research subjects, friends) that he should be excluded from any leftist spaces as a danger and security risk.

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